DC evaluation

Data center is a life form that has various characteristics, both process and economic, at different stages of the life cycle.

The ideal situation is when yet at the stage of DC design the Customer, owner or operator fully understands what he currently has, what characteristics his DC has, and how will his DC evolve during the life cycle. And finally, how much would it cost?

The service of DC evaluation is aimed at giving the Customer full information, which allows to evaluate a DC in terms of three basic aspects: quality, costs, time.

Analysis of all DC elements, such as applied process solutions, practically implemented design solutions, layout solutions, quality and adequacy of maintenance operation of all engineering systems, allow to identify key problems, which influence on quality, price, time, as well as to obtain recommendations how to eliminate/minimize identified problems.

Finally, the Customer receives information on what to pay his attention to first to improve the efficiency of his investments and, as a result, the efficiency of his business.

If you have a task to increase the efficiency of data center, the start of this problem is very simple: Download the form, fill it out and send it to the address above, or fill out the form directly to the site.

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