Financial services

Uptime Technology - a team of experts ready to help make sense of how the data center works, and how is formed the budget of Data Center, both in investment as well in operating costs.

Any data center goes through the following stages:

Investing - construction;

Operating costs - operation;

Investment costs - modernization;

Quality of the business plan of the project, both at the beginning of the project, and subsequently is a very important aspect of the work, because of the quality of the business plan that depends on how successful the project, how the project will achieve the planned parameters and, ultimately, on how many project will be able to meet the expectations of investors.

The knowledge and experience that have expertise Uptime Technology - can guarantee our customers a high quality, detailed document, full of reliable and timely data, based on which our customers can make informed decisions that minimize, and in many cases completely eliminate such typical errors of planning, as unreliable estimate of the volume of investment, incomplete assessment of operating costs, underestimation of the qualification requirements for personnel data center.

As the practice of our work, the external assessment of the economic activities of Data Center allows on average, as a result of this analysis, to identify opportunities to reduce operating costs in the range of 10 to 40% of current level.

Uptime Technology offers the following services:

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