Project management

Every project is always a balance between project contents, time and quality. The project must have certain restrictions. Typically these restrictions are specified as project contents, time and its value. According to the figure the restrictions are sides of a triangle. Any change of one side influences the others.

Triangle of qualityTime limitation depends on the available time to finish the project. Cost limitation depends on the budget allocated for the project. Contents limitation depends on the number of operations required to reach an eventual project result. These three limitations are often competing with one another. Changes of project contents commonly lead to changes of schedule (time) and costs. Tight schedule (time) may result in costs increase and reduction of contents. Low budget (costs) may cause extension of schedule (time) and reduction of contents. 

There are three factors of quality project management: subject knowledge of the project, high readiness of a project manager, scrupulousness in identifying task details and time for project execution. All these factors ensure that a project for DC creation will meet Customer’s demand, deadlines and will also correspond high quality standards.

UpTime Technology offers a service of project management and as a basic result presents:

Management of project sections that include:

As required and according to additional request Uptime Technology also offers project administration at the stage of implementation that includes:


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